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PANASONIC TX50DX802B 50" UHD 4K-HDRPro 2000Hz Firefox FreeviewPlay

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2000Hz (BMR) and QUAD-CORE PRO Processor
THX-Certified 4K Cinema Display
FreeviewHD and FreeviewPLAY Built-in
FIREFOX Operating System and Web Browser
FREESTYLE Modern Design
WIDE Colour Spectrum
LOCAL Dimming technology
USB-HDD Recording Function
Internet APPS - browse the web
My Home Screen 2.0
TWIN HD Tuners
Voice Assist
TV Anywhere
Swipe and Share


TOP OF THE RANGE picture performance true to Directors' vision

UHD 4K-HDRPro High Dynamic Range - get ready for life-like images that are a lot closer to the way your eyes see the real world.

4K UHD LED TV with 2000Hz (bmr) and QUAD-CORE PRO - for great picture quality and seamless smart interaction.

STUDIO MASTER HCX - accurate picture processing tuned in Hollywood delivers amazing pictures as the film-make intended.

THX 4K Pro Display - know that the 4K Display has passed rigorous cinema-quality tests to give you an amazing home cinema experience.

SUPER BRIGHT PANEL / HDR - become captivated by the outstanding brightness for more enhanced HDR viewing.

FreeStyle Design - Form meets function to create a design masterpiece that brings flexibility and harmony to your home.

Wide Colour Spectrum - experience an even wider colour range for more natural scenes and an enhanced viewing experience.

My Home Screen 2.0 - a new, intuitive look and feel gives you easy access to all your favourite digital content.

Local Dimming - enjoy crisp dark scenes and high contrast with local dimming technology.

Internet APPs - browse the web, access a large number of apps and enjoy big-screen Video on Demand entertainment.



Why 4K Pro?

4K Pro brings together cutting edge LED LCD panel technology and uniquely powerful picture processing to create the most exquisitely realistic TV pictures you’ve ever seen.


Accuracy to the Director’s Intentions

Faithfully reproducing pictures that look exactly as a director originally intended has always been at the heart of Panasonic television philosophy. This year, though, Panasonic VIERA TVs are able to realise this guiding principle more successfully than ever before thanks to the significant advances in LED LCD design and picture processing delivered by the new 4K Pro experience.

Thanks to professional-grade 4K Studio Master Processors and new colour-rich, Super-bright Studio Master Colour LCD panels, 4K Pro TVs give viewers incredibly accurate pictures that provide all the stunning cinematic spectacle they contained at the moment they were first shot.

Amazing colours

Accurate Colour Drive
Marvel at worlds of colour 80 times more accurate than those of a conventional TV thanks to the incredibly precise colour reproduction of 4K Pro’s Accurate Colour Drive. Using technology developed by Panasonic’s professional screen division, the Accurate Colour Drive creates its colours from a 3D Lookup Table that processes six colours rather than the usual three and can access a remarkable 8000 reference points versus a conventional TV’s 100.

Studio Master Colour
Pictures burst into life with a much wider and more dynamic colour range courtesy of new Panasonic screens with Studio Master Colour technology. These Wide Colour Phosphor LCD panels combine advanced LED backlighting with a new colour filter system to deliver a subtler and more expansive colour range covering up to 98% of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) colour space. That’s 20% more than you see with conventional LED LCD TVs and more than you typically see with Quantum Dot technology.

Amazing colours
Amazing colours
Supreme Contrast

Supreme Contrast

Local Dimming Pro
LED LCD TVs usually struggle to produce really bright whites and deep black colours within the same frame. Local Dimming Pro solves this problem, though, by enabling separate segments of the LEDs that illuminate pictures to produce their own brightness levels independent of the rest.

Black Gradation Drive
By combining advanced picture analysis with exceptionally precise control of the screen’s lighting, the Panasonic Black Gradation Drive - which is part of the wider, ultra-powerful 4K Studio Master Processor system - reveals far more shadow detail and colour richness in dark scenes.

Supreme Contrast

Brilliant Brightness

Super Bright Panel
Images explode off the screen with stunning vibrancy and intensity as new Super Bright Panels produce much more brightness than conventional LED LCD screens without using significantly more power.

Dynamic Range Remaster
New Dynamic Range Remaster processing means you can finally enjoy at home pictures that look just as bright and colourful as they did when they were originally filmed. The processing puts back all the brightness and colour information that’s normally lost when remastering pictures to suit the limitations of conventional LED

Native HDR Content playback
The 4K Studio Master Processor is enabled to support the playback of native High Dynamic Range (HDR) content when the appropriate standards have been finalized. HDR uses a combination of specially created content and super-bright, colour-rich screens to deliver images containing a much wider luminance range than any traditional TV.

Brilliant Brightness
Brilliant Brightness
The Artist of 4K Pro  4K Studio Master Processor

The Artist of 4K Pro – 
4K Studio Master Processor

Designed from the ground up to produce pictures that are totally faithful to a director's vision, the 4K Studio Master Processor provides the brainpower behind the ground-breaking colour, contrast and brightness image enhancements found in the new Viera 4K range. The Processor optimises the performance of each picture element individually, but also carefully manages the way everything works in combination by continuously referring to a Panasonic imaging database derived from decades of experience working with both consumer TVs and professional displays.

The Artist of 4K Pro  4K Studio Master Processor
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